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 Rules ( To read and sign )

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PostSubject: Rules ( To read and sign )   Fri Feb 05, 2010 9:56 am

Hi and welcome on FM forum !

Who say forum say community and rules to be sure to have a great atmosphere and always live and post in respect.


About messages, just avoid using SMS language and a whole message using capital letters.
Please do not posting two simultaneous responses but edit your post for a change or addition information.
When you post a message, make sure it provides information or a response to previous messages. Messages with only interjection or a smiley will be deleted.

Private messages
As their name suggests the "private messages" are Private. You should in no case transcribe all or part of the contents of a private message on the forum.


Respect is one of the golden rules of FM forum. This rule is respect between members, no discredit, insult, slander, racist or derogatory will be allowed on the forum. Such behavior will result in an immediate account of the user, and without warning.
Respect also concerns creations, Sims or not, everyone. It is forbidden to take over the work of another or to post information without the source.
Respect is also valid for individual work: it is permissible to criticize (basis appreciation) but forbidden to dismiss any establishment whatsoever.


Moderators are chosen for their ability to self-management and responsibility. Accept moderation is also receiving criticism, advice, suggestions and deleting message when necessary.
Moderators oversee the smooth operation of the forum and ensure its usability.

Have fun !

Note : Please don't forget to post your signature in the ''signatures here'' thread , thank you !
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Rules ( To read and sign )
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